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AerCap Materials deliver the highest quality spare parts for an extensive range of commercial aircraft and engine manufacturers. Furnishing comprehensive solutions for your supply chain, our deep domain expertise will provide impactful solutions. From inventory optimization to guaranteed pricing and delivery, our products and services ensure a strong supply chain for your fleet. Whether outright purchase or exchange — ad-hoc or a large provisioning — AerCap Materials is a partner you can count on for the highest quality recertified rotables.

AerCap Materials provide the highest quality spare parts at competitive prices. Our vast inventory covers a wide range of commercial aircraft platforms. Backed by an inventory of more than 300,000 part numbers in stock, our experienced sales team will handle your needs with the highest priority, saving you time, effort and money. We strive to deliver your part, wherever it is required, in the shortest time possible.

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your fleet, maximize the residual value of assets, or provide inventory flexibility with shop visit provisioning and forecasting, AerCap Materials matches your engine requirements with a broad inventory of the highest quality engines and replacement parts across a variety of platforms.

Offering Inventory Analysis or Consignment Opportunities, AerCap Materials takes a partnership approach, providing solutions to upgrade your existing fleet with new/used engines and maximizing the return of residual values for take-out.

• Actively buying and selling engines and component inventories
• Consignment Options Available
• Take-outs and Placements to upgrading your fleet and maximizing the residual value of used assets
• Providing Inventory Flexibility with Shop Visit Provisioning and Forecasting
• Full Integration of AerCap’s network and synergies, AerCap Engines, CFMM and AerCap Materials

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For more than 20 years, our dedicated dismantlement facility has provided expert services. An ISO and AFRA certified facility, we assign a dedicated project manager and mechanic crew for each aircraft. All parts are removed, identified, received, packaged and shipped from the same location, minimizing any risk of loss, damage, or cross-contamination. Our highly efficient work card system ensures we accurately meet our customers’ requirements.

AerCap Materials can dismantle a wide variety of aircraft types and design a custom work scope to meet your needs

• Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) accredited
• ISO Certified
• Customized Status and Inventory Reports
• AOG Removals
• Staff with 150 + Years of Combined Aviation Experience

Dismantlement Proficiencies

A320 Family

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AerCap Materials Dismantlement: Cyndi Long

+1 662 455 1826

24-Hour AOG Support

Providing 24-7 support for AOG requirements, our AOG service is world-class. Whether during normal business hours or in the early morning hours, AMS understands the impact a grounded aircraft can have on your business. Our highly regarded AOG service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With three stocking locations strategically located around the globe, our rapid response will deliver your part, wherever it is required, in the shortest time possible.

Contact us at any time – day or night

24-hour AOG Support

Web Portal Access

Exclusive access to AerCap Materials’ web portal allows you to browse our inventory in real time. With over 300,000 parts housed in global stocking locations, our inventory is one of the largest in the world, and you can see all of it.

View Quantity, Condition, Serial Number, Trace, Tag and Stocking Location for each item, with wildcard and multiple search available. You can request a quote directly within the parts portal or download paperwork.

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Bringing additional sales avenues to your inventory, our 850+ active customer accounts and long-standing relationships with the world’s largest airlines will add to your existing customer base, ensuring your opportunity is maximized.

Offering a wide range of consignment types. AerCap Materials can manage and strategically locate inventory to best fit customer markets. Having a long-term and profound experience in the consignment market, our expertise with a deep market and product knowledge will ensure optimal sales dollars for your assets.

From no charge recalls to purchase credits, Materials wants to tailor a consignment agreement to your needs. Utilize our global presence and domain expertise to increase visibility and return of your inventory in the marketplace.

Add sales channels to your existing customer base or divest your inventory to reduce operational costs. Materials has the deep domain experience and proven track record to be a reliable partner providing impactful solutions to your fleet or inventory.

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Actively pursuing aircraft and inventory purchases for 737NG, 777, A320, A330 and A340 product lines. AerCap Materials is interested in single parts, large inventories or entire aircraft.

AerCap Materials actively purchases inventory and aircraft to replenish our stock. Whether you are looking to sell one particular part number or an entire aircraft, Materials is interested. We are committed to platforms of 737NG, 777, A320. A330 and A340 product lines.

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